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July 14, 2019







  1. The Hexham & District Motor Club will promote the Northern Dales Classic Trophy Production Car Autotest on Sunday 14th July 2019, the event will be held at Eastgate Cement Works, Weardale. MR. 92/ 950385.


  1. The event will be held under the General regulations of the Motorsport UK incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA and these supplementary regulations, together with any written instructions that may be issued for the event.


  1. The event is open t members of the organising club and members of the following invited clubs :-

Berwick & DMC, Clitheroe & DMC, Darlington & DMC, Durham AC, Hadrian MC, Hartlepool & DMC, Ilkley & D

Kirkby Lonsdale MC, Malton MC, NESCRO, Rotherham & DMC, SD34, South of Scotland MC,

Spadeadam MC, Whickham & DMC, Wigton MC.


  1. All vehicles will be scrutineered for eligibility, noise and safety. The vehicle registration document

Must be available and the vehicle presented must be the vehicle described in the registration   Document. A Spill kit must be carried.  Cars must comply with Regulation M.18. Any vehicle  registered after 31/12/1981  Must Enter either Class M1, M2 or S1.


  1. The entries open with the publication of these regulations and close finally on 06/07/ 2019.

Scrutineering opens at 08:00 on 14/07/2018, the first car will start the event at 10:00am.


  1. All test will take place within the Eastgate Cement Works, there will be no public road mileage.


7      There will be a designated number of tests on private land, these tests will be shown on the test Diagrams issued. The whole test may not be visible from the start line. Competitors should be

Ready to start the test when instructed to do so by the Start marshal.  All tests will finish with a  “Stop Astride” line.


  1. Classes will be as follows :   Cars manufactured before  31/12/ 1981 up to 14ft long

H2.  Cars manufactured before 31/12/1981 over 14ft long

M1.  Cars manufactured after 31/12/ 1981 up to 14ft long

M2.  Cars manufactured after 31/12/1981 over 14ft long


  1. Entries open with the publication of these regulations and close finally on 08/07/2019.

All entries  MUST be made on the official entry form using the link below.




All entries will be acknowledged The maximum number of entries for the event is 50, these will be accepted in order of receipt.




  1. Officials :- Event Secretary :- Ed Graham email edgraham01@sky.com

Entries Secretary:-  email entrysecretary@hexhammotorclub.co.uk

Chief Marshal : TBA

Clerks of the Course :  Paul Wilson, Martin Cook, Andrew Miller

Results Manager :-  George Charlton


  1. Awards 1st           Overall Crew    (Classes  H1 & H2 )             The Northern Dales Classic                                          Trophies

1st           Overall Crew    (Classes M1 & M2 )           The Northern Dales Targa Trophies

1st           Crew in each Class :         The Northern Dales Class Awards

2nd          Crew in each class            The Northern Dales  2nd. Class Trophies

Additional awards may be announced in the final regulations


  1. Provisional results will be announced at the conclusion of the event, any protests must be

Made in accordance with the current MSA Regulations.


  1. Competitors will be issued with test diagrams and time cards at signing on.


  1. Competitors will be identified by numbers supplied by the organisers which should be fixed

To each side of the car as instructed.


  1. The onus in obtaining a correct time lies entirely with the competitor. In the event of a query,

The time recorded on the time card will be deemed to be correct. Penalties will be as per the

General regulations of the MSA, section M. M7.


  1. Competitors under the age of 18 years must have the entry form countersigned by a Parent

Or Legal Guardian.


  1. Any amendments to the Supplementary Regulations will be advised in the Final Supplementary

Or by an announcement on the official notice board.


  1. As the whole of the event is held on private land, vehicles are not required to be taxed but Should be capable of passing an M.O.T. and suitable for this type of event.


  1. Car sharing will be permitted but only at the organisers discretion, please check.


  1. Competitors who may be accompanied by a Navigator aged under 16 years of age must state this on the entry form.


July 14, 2019


EastGate Cement Works


Ed Graham