Quiz time!!

Who is this?
On what event?
In what year?
What car?
And finally what is he trying to stop happening?

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Liam ‘the legend’ Charlton has written a small quiz for us!

Colin McRae did his first safari rally in 1993. What car did he use?

Volkswagen dominated the WRC from 2013 to 2016 but what event did they with there first world championship event.

What was the last RWD car to win a round of the WRC?

What was the last FWD car to win a round of the WRC

Neil Simpson finish second on the Manx in 1999 what was unusual about the car he drove?

First person to get all 5 correct wins a packet of hobnobs!

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As we role into another week of lockdown(ish?)

Because of this Ed has put together a small tabletop that will kill a few minutes (hours in my case!!)

Contact Ed Graham at edgraham01@btinternet.com

If you’d like a copy of the instructions.

Hope you are all safe and well!

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Please find the results from Dave Alexander’s Table top! (And before you ask I don’t understand them but will pass any messages on to Dave that might clear up confusion) ...

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Whilst bored once again I began to think (normally dangerous!) how many people have won a Hexham 12 car as both a navigator and driver.

I came up with 4 but I wonder how many there actually are?

Any ideas? Post them names below see how many we can get!

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Next up on the list of activities to stop us all getting too bored is a Table Top devised by Colin Fish and Simon Jennings!

Have a go see how you get on!

Email edgraham01@btinternet.com

If you’d like it in email format

Stay safe all!

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World famous Maughan Nicholson (in Hexham anyway!)has devised something to get your brains working While you're all bored with no sport taking place.

Here's a quiz based on the last 40 years,

1981-2019, of the Rally of Great Britain. in that time, 20 drivers from 8 countries, using 10,(well two later merged!), manufacturers won the event. in this period, 9 different locations hosted the finish venue, and we had 4 World Champions who never won Rally GB. How many can you remember?
20 drivers
8 country of winning driver,
10 manufacturers,
9 finish venues,
4 world Champions/ non rac rally winners.
Answers on a £10 note!
Thinking caps on.

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The final part of David’s Table top should now be in your email inboxes!

Good luck!

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Happy Birthday to Hexham Member and co organiser of the John Robson Ali Procter! ...

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The next part of David Alexander’s table top rally has been emailed out by Ed Graham!

How are you all finding it?

Anyone struggling or needing any pointers?

Hopefully this will mean when the next 12 car happens the competition will be strong!

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