Some very cool ‘Team Hexham’ photos were sent to page by Michael Glendinning

Anyone care to guess the dates and venues?

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The Devils Lockdown tests held at Rowrah Karting circuit seems to have been a roaring success. Well done to Kirkby Lonsdale motor Club for putting the event on and all that made it happen.

It was a good day out for Hexham crews (it’s nice to say that again)!

Andrew Roughead has a fantastic day showing he hasn’t lost any of his skill during the lockdown to finish in second over all just behind Steve Retchless. The pair had a ding dong battle all day long setting some very impressive times!

Simon Jennings was high up all day and finished in 6th place and 4th in class not bad for a little shopping car! Albeit now fitted with a full roll cage seats etc so I’m not sure how long that title can be used for!!

Liam Charlton was doing well in the top 15 for most of the day until he went cone hunting and the penalties dropped him down to 24th.

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Our very own Liam ‘The Legend’ Charlton was one of the first folks who ventured out into the new normal that is British motorsport on Monday and he’s been kind enough to write a report. Remember if you are a Hexham member and want to see yourself on this prestigious page let us know what you’ve been up to (motorsport related preferably but you never know) and we will get you featured!

“After 112 days of inactivity since mull, I was finally able to get behind the the wheel of the Mazda for an actual motorsport event. The devils lockdown test were being held a Rowrah kart track on Monday the 6th of July and I was one of the lucky few that managed to beat the rush and get an entry. A capacity entry was achieved 8 minutes after opening. They where even turning people away there where offering to marshal. That just shows the appetite for people to get there motorsport fix. There was a real eclectic mix of cars entered ranging from the beautiful 911 of Paul Crosby to the immaculately presented Nova of Tony Sheilds there was even an all singing all dancing clicky box mk2 escort. I was starting to feel like I had brought a spoon to a gun fight. The event consisted of 3 tests run in 6 loops of 3. There was a gravel test that looped round the heli pad, a test round the paddock area and a test using the kart circuit it’s self. With almost 3 different surfaces tyre choice was going to be important so I went with black and round ones. After 12 tests I was 15th overall and 3rd in class. However on the next 2 tests I picked up 20 seconds of cone penalties with some possibly over exuberant driving. This unfortunately dropped me down to 26th overall and 5th in class. The whole field was very tightly packed any mistake was costing people’s dearly. Over the final 3 test I managed to move up 2 places and finish 24th and 5th In class. Still not a bad result but could have been so much better.”

The event seems to have been a roaring success, well done to all involved.

Photo courtesy of Devils own Facebook page.

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Will this be the finishing order today? ...

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Long post warning

Well just like the big black dog I’ve just witnessed scraping himself off the sofa, stretching and yawning, the world seems to be waking up and taking the first tentative steps back to normality.

Most importantly for us Hexham folk that means the return of motorsport. You will no doubt have seen that formula one returns this weekend in Austria, slightly closer to home Kirkby Lonsdale motor club have taken the brave step to organise a test based event over at Rowrah Kart track.

The event has perked the interest of a few Hexham members including Simon Jennings in his trusty 106, Liam Charlton in the mad Mazda and Andrew Roughead in the equally mad mini!!

It’s a solo event with drivers having to compete on their own but will surely be a good event!

Good luck to those competing and to KLMC

Hope everything goes to plan

On a sadder note the announcement was made that the Mull rally will not run this year and is added to the list of events not taking place this year. I think protecting the island and it’s folk is more important than the rally but it is still a shame for both the rally organisers and the business on Mull that have obviously had a hard year already with no tourists.

Hopefully we are over the worst and things can continue their slow but steady return to normal (whatever that is).

The page will hopefully become more active once again after a lull but being busy with actual work (yawn) and a lack of events their hasn’t been much to write about.

Liam has promised he will write a report from Rowrah so hopefully you will have something more interesting to read than my drivel!

Please remember to look after yourselves and stay safe.


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Liam Charlton has been digging through the photo albums and found some cracking old pictures of his dad Mick Charlton in his escort! ...

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The next Hexham motorclub Table top rally should now be in your inbox
Perfect if like me you need a distraction from actual work you should be doing or if you are rubbish at Dirt rally!!

If you’d like to have a go at the tabletop please Email edgraham01@btinternet.com

Hope you are all safe and well!

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Quiz time!!

Who is this?
On what event?
In what year?
What car?
And finally what is he trying to stop happening?

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