Get Involved

Throughout it’s existence, the Hexham & District Motor Club has always placed a great emphasis on supporting and encouraging newcomers into the sport and this is perhaps best demonstrated by the club’s series of 12 car rallies, a rallying institution which has developed something of a legendary status. The backbone of the club’s activities, the 12 car events have introduced literally hundreds of people to rallying, many of whom have gone on to enjoy success on events of much higher status, although some have been content to continue to enjoy the pleasures of the Wednesday night events year after year.

The ethos of the 12 car rallies is to allow enthusiasts to enjoy an “Entry Level “ event which gives the opportunity for newcomers to find their way into the sport while the more established competitor can enjoy an event that is cheap and affordable. Normally run on a midweek evening, the rallies are generally about 50 miles in length and feature instructions which might vary from extremely simple for newcomers to something a bit trickier for the more experienced competitor. The roads used are generally all well surfaced and can be tackled in a standard car and the format is pretty simple with a number of controls to be visited while competitors have to record information at a number of “Route Checks “ to prove they have followed the correct route. The Route Checks on Hexham events are pretty unique as they normally consist of Department of Transport signposts where competitors note the mileages displayed.

There is a great social atmosphere to the Hexham 12 car events with all of them finishing at a hostelry, normally the Dr. Syntax, New Ridley which is the club’s headquarters. Here crews can enjoy an excellent post rally buffet and a drink, chat about the evenings experiences, enjoy a bit of friendly banter and wait with anticipation for the results, a great way to end the night. Help and advice id s freely available to anyone tempted to have a go at road rallying and there can be no better way of getting into the sport than the Hexham 12 Car Series.